AMS Filing

Automated Manifest System. Due to strict security rules, the US customs need to know the commodity 24 hours before leaving port of loading. This concerns ships with final destination in the USA.

ATA Carnet

The letters ATA stand for Admission Temporaire, or Temporary Admission. The ATA scheme has a number of simplifications for the temporary import and export of goods. Temporary import implies a subsequent re-export. Temporary export implies a subsequent re-import. In the case of temporary import, temporary export, re-import and re-export, the carnet serves as a declaration of the goods which it relates to. In the Netherlands, all Chambers of Commerce have been appointed to issue ATA carnets. AnATA carnet is issued at the request of the interested party.

Authorized Economic Operator

The concept of security has occurred a place in the European customs legislation since the attacks in New York. International attention to ‘security and safety’ has been considerably tightened.

Companies and suppliers that deal with movements that crossing the Eu border, have to handle with the renewed European customs legislation. Besides the legislation, the European Union wants to create better facilities for companies, leading to fewer logistic delays and lower administration costs. This is why the AEO certificate was created. Since January, 1st 2008 the status of Autorised Economic Operator (AEO) can be requested, which is valid throughout the EU.

The introduction of AEO status is an important step in the efforts of the Dutch Customs to ‘horizontalize’ the control. This means the mutual care of a safe supply chain; the responsibility for safe cross-border flows of goods.

Companies engaged in international trade can apply for the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) . The AEO certificate offers many advantages in international business.AEO certified companies have, for example, fewer delays at customs controls. Furthermore the customs creates facilities for physical checks.

In order to qualify for an AEO status, certain conditions must be met. The AEO status and grant guidelines are based on the Community Customs Code and its implementing regulation. The entire process may take several months to several years.


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