Degassing involves opening the container and allowing the gases to blow away. In the conditioned environment at the terminal, methyl bromide is used for gassing the containers for export purposes. Moths, beetles, cockroaches, mites and eels are every shippers worst nightmare. Without countermeasures, container loads can fall victim to these unwelcome guests. In addition, many countries ban the imports of foreign life forms that constitute a threat to their domestic ecosystems.


The payment charged by shipping companies to their clients for the use of their containers outside the free period, after they have left the terminal. As long as the containers are still at the terminal outside this free period, this payment is referred to as demurrage.


Materials of various types, often timber of matting, placed among the cargo for separation, and hence protection from damage, for ventilation and, in the case of certain cargoes, to provide space in which the tynes of a fork lift truck may be inserted.


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