FCL (Full Container Load)

Full Container Load (FCL) . Full Container Load means that all goods in the container are listed on a single Bill of Lading, and as such are owned by a single party. It does not matter how full the container is. Payment is made on the basis of a full container.


On an international level, forwarding agents are united in the FIATA (the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), established in Zurich. National organisations for forwarding agents from a wide range of countries are affiliated to the FIATA. As such, a total of approx. 40,000 forwarding agencies across the globe are organised. The activities of the FIATA take place at three institutes; the Multimodal Transport Institute (MTI), the Customs Affairs Institute (CAI) and the Air Freight Institute (AFI). The FIATA board is furthermore supported by advisory bodies in the fields of legal matters, professional education, public relations, shipping matters, etc. The work of the FIATA focuses on the maximum performance of the international forwarding sector. Intensive negotiations take place with a large number of international organisations in the field of transport. A special mention should be given to the creation of specific forwarding documents.

Forwarder / Forwarding / Forwarding Agent

If you need international transport for your goods, you want to make sure that they reach their destination in a perfect condition. This involves more than you might think. The forwarding agent, in his capacity of logistic service provider, is an expert who can take care of this on behalf of his client. He solves logistical problems and knows the obscure transport market. When looking for the best possible logistical solutions for the transport of goods, many factors play a role. Transport modality, speed, type of goods, place of departure, destination, trade and customs regulations, costs, etc. may also determine whether a product can compete with other products on the global market. The forwarding agent has been successfully operating on the international logistics market for years, like a spider in a web. He concludes transport agreements with hauliers for his client/shipper who wants to have his goods transported. He is an independent party in that respect. The strength of a forwarding agent is his knowledge and expertise of the complex transport market.

Freight Collect

A sea freight payable at the destination. The agent of the shipping company will collect the freight in the port of destination before the goods are made available to the holder of the original Bill of Lading.

Freight Prepaid

A sea freight payable in advance, in the port of departure, i.e. before transport by sea commences.

Freight rate

Freight rate is the agreed price for transport from A to B.


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