General Average

General average. In the case of general average, the common interest – retaining vessel and cargo – takes precedence. Any sacrifices made by the captain are made in the name of common interest, so that it is obvious that every interested party bears a proportional share of the damage, which otherwise would have been at the expense of one of the interested parties. According to the York-Antwerp rules of 1950, the official definition of general average is: ‘A general average act is when – and only when – an intentional and reasonably exceptional sacrifice or expenditure is made in the name of general protection, with the objective of safeguarding the goods involved in a common business against danger at sea’.

Groupage (LCL – Less Container Load)

Groupage is the same as LCL (Less than Container Load) . Transporting a shipment with other goods in the container is referred to as LCL. Thus multiple LCL shipments with different Bills of Lading and different owners can be loaded in a single container. Any space used in the container is subject to a charge.


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