Container dimensions

Container details
Equipment Interior
20’Dry Freight L 5,919mm
W 2,340mm
H 2,380mm
W 2,286mm
H 2,278mm
1,900 kg
4,189 lbs
33.0 cbm
1,165 cu.ft
22,100 kg
48,721 lbs
40’Dry Freight L 12,045mm
W 2,309mm
H 2,379mm
W 2,280mm
H 2,278mm
3.084 kg
6,799 lbs
67.3 cbm
2,377 cu.ft
27,396 kg
60,397 lbs
40’High Cube Dry L 12,056mm
W 2,347mm
H 2,684mm
W 2,340mm
H 2,585mm
2,900 kg
6,393 lbs
76.0 cbm
2,684 cu.ft
29,600 kg
65,256 lbs
45’High Cube Dry L 13,582mm
W 2,347mm
H 2,690mm
W 2,340mm
H 2,585mm
3,900 kg
8,598 lbs
85.7 cbm
3,026 cu.ft
28,600 kg
63,052 lbs
20’Reefer L 5,428mm
W 2,266mm
H 2,240mm
W 2,286mm
H 2,188mm
2,940 kg
6,482 lbs
27.5 cbm
971 cu.ft
24,060 kg
53,043 lbs
40’Reefer L 11,207mm
W 2,246mm
H 2,183mm
W 2,216mm
H 2,118mm
4,840 kg
10,670 lbs
54.9 cbm
1,939 cu.ft
25,640 kg
56,526 lbs
40’High Cube Reefer L 11,628mm
W 2,294mm
H 2,509mm
W 2,290mm
H 2,535mm
4,430 kg
9,766 lbs
66.9 cbm
2,363 cu.ft
28,070 kg
61,883 lbs
45’High Cube Reefer L 13,102mm
W 2,294mm
H 2,509mm
W 2,290mm
H 2,535mm
5,200 kg
11,464 lbs
75.4 cbm
2,663 cu.ft
27,300 kg
60,186 lbs
20’Open Top L 5,919mm
W 2,340mm
H 2,286mm
W 2,286mm
H 2,251mm
L 5,425mm
W 2,222mm
2,174 kg
4,793 lbs
31.6 cbm
1.116 cu.ft
21,826 kg
48,117 lbs
40’Open Top L 12,043mm
W 2,340mm
H 2,272mm
W 2,279mm
H 2,278mm
L 11,585mm
W 2,162mm
4,300 kg
9,480 lbs
64.0 cbm
2,260 cu.ft
26,181 kg
57,720 lbs
20’Flat Rack L 5,662mm
W 2,438mm
H 2,327mm
2,530 kg
5,578 lbs
21,470 kg
47,333 lbs
20’Collapsible Flat Rack L 5,946mm
W 2,126mm
H 2,233mm
2,900 kg
6,393 lbs
27,100 kg
59,745 lbs
40’Flat Rack L 12,080mm
W 2,438mm
H 2,103mm
5,480 kg
12,081 lbs
25,000 kg
55,115 lbs
40’Artificial Tweendeck L 12,065mm
W 2,216mm
5,400 kg

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